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Beat the Heat (without the AC)

We all know that summer is HOT, but pumping electricity into air conditioners and fans can be pretty costly- both for our wallets and the environment. This summer, when the temperature creeps up, before rushing to turn the AC down, try some of these different ideas to beat the heat.

  1.  Wear Natural Fabrics- cotton and linens will allow your skin to breathe, whereas artificial materials will keep all the hot air trapped in your clothes. 
  2. Wear Your Bathing Suit- no, not just at the beach. Stripping down to a bathing suit or even just underwear around the house lowers your body temperature and helps increase your body image, as well. 
  3. Stay Down - hot air rises, so hang out in the lowest part of your house. 
  4. Freeze it- put washcloths in the freezer; then, cool down by covering your body.
  5. Keep the Shades Down- keeping out any natural light can keep the heat out too.
  6. Use Rubbing Alcohol- putting rubbing alcohol on your face (avoid eyes and mouth) and standing in front of moving air can lower your body temperature about 30 degrees. 
  7. Keep a Spray Bottle Around- spray yourself with cool mist. Better yet, spray your sheets before you go to sleep. 
  8. Take an ice cold shower- blast the back of your neck, and you’ll instantly get the chills. 
  9. Use products with menthol properties- lotions and soap leave your skin feeling smooth and minty fresh. 

How do you beat the heat during the hot summer months, Monkeys?


Facing Your Fears (with a headstand)

By Samantha Flanagan, Campus Monkey Editor

When I first started doing yoga just over a year and a half ago, the handstand and headstand scared me- a lot. I hate failure, and the thought of attempting to swing my legs up over my head only to fall over onto my back in front of an entire class absolutely horrified me. But I wanted to, more than anything. Still, I’d always sit on my mat and observe the handful of practiced yogis ‘strong’ enough to shoot into the air, jealous of their ‘advanced’ abilities. Back home, though, it was a different story. I was determined to master the pose. Alone, I’d practice lifting my body up against the wall, then a few feet away, then further and further, until finally, one day, there I was fully suspended. It was incredible. And in that moment of perfect focus, I realized that it was never about being strong; it was about being BRAVE, about finding the courage and clarity of mind to conquer my fear of falling, of humiliation, and failure. Today, I can propel myself into a headstand anywhere, anytime, without thought. I’ve done headstands on the beach at Key West, on Cape Cod, on the edge of a cliff, at the top of Mount Washington. Being upside-down is almost a second nature to me; but although it’s no longer a ‘challenge’ per-se, the pose is still my favorite. Because it means something. I had to conquer it. I had to work for it. And that’s exactly the point! As we finish another school year, another season, and begin new chapters of our lives, don’t shy away from your fears. Take that pose that you’ve always been afraid of and conquer it. Whether a headstand, a handstand, a back bend, or a shoulder stand, focus your mind and your energy on the goal. With a little bit of practice and a lot of courage, you too can overcome your fears- both in yoga class and in life. What pose was the most challenging for you to master? How did you overcome it?


The Right Start to Your Day … or is it?

By Katie Lund, Campus Monkey Writer

For years I have set my alarm clock for precisely two and a half hours before I need to be at work or school. It has always left me the perfect amount of time to wake up, workout, shower, eat breakfast, and be on my way. This was unless I had plans to attend a Bikram Yoga class, which then required an alarm clock set for three and a half hours before needing to be somewhere. Let’s just say that I have been a creature of habit and one that fears change. But this all changed when the 5:30 am (or earlier!) alarm clock began waking a cranky, tired, and non-productive-gym-goer named Katie. I got stuck in a rut where my morning workouts were hardly worth the effort of dragging myself to the gym. And let’s not forget about all of the coffee required to even make it to the gym! So I decided to test out the whole post nine-to-five workout schedule. And who would have guessed – it worked! I had plenty of energy, was ready to burn off steam from a long day at the office, and it set the tone for a great rest of the evening. As a person who operates via to-do lists and making schedules, I try and do what best fits each day. Some days, the morning routine works. Other times, the afternoon fits into the day a bit better. It all depends on you and your schedule. Are you an early bird? Would you rather have your afternoons completely free? Do you enjoy sleeping in a few extra hours? All of these factor into what you decide works for you. But always remember, any gym time is better than no gym time!


May 4th - 7:00pm | Full Moon Sound Bowl Meditation | Miami Beach

Feel the Vibrations!

This Sound Bowl Meditation is designed to clear, cleanse and balance all the energetic centers of the body, clear and balance the mind and remove all toxic energy that has accumulated. You will experience healing sound massage and be gently guided through a meditation of all your chakras. Jill is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, she leads trainings and workshops on yoga for well-being, teaching yoga to children, hands on adjustments, and energy healing. Jill has been working with the crystal bowls for over a decade, with all age groups from preschoolers up to octogenerians! They are a beautiful experience. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready for whatever is next. Jill Rapperport, among many things, is an E-RYT, Yoga Ed Trainer, Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach. Jill’s been busy as a Yoga Education Trainer, Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach for over 10 years and her sound bowls have been with her even longer. Each meditation is guided and requires no experience. It is open to all levels and ages. Please bring a pillow, your mat and water bottle. You will be lying down much of the time. She will give an overview of the significance of this time astrologically and how you can be “on time” with the universal flow of energy in your life. You will be guided to let go and release stagnant energies and create space for the new growth of the season to manifest in your life! You will leave refreshed and renewed and ready to accept the blessings of the Full Moon.


With Jill Rapperport In Miami Beach on Friday, May 4th from 7:00-9:00pm

Cost is: $35 ($30 for Green Monkey Members)

Register Now


April 28th - 2pm | Meditation Demystified with Cindy and Susan | Midtown

Tap into your inner peace.

This workshop will introduce basic yoga philosophy and provide lifelong tools to create and maintain a meditation and pranayama (breathing) practice. Learn techniques that can be used at home or in class. Bring pen and paper. Handouts will be provided.

With Cindy Ley Sepe and Susan Derwin In Midtown on April 28th from 2:00-4:00pm

Cost is: $35 ($30 for members)

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Find Your Balance

We all work on maintaining our Balance, though most of us wish we could do more. That’s where Green Monkey comes in. Green Monkey gives you the tools to find Balance in your life, at your own pace.


April 21st - 4:00pm | Beach Clean-up with Whole Foods | 9th Street Miami Beach

Beach Clean Up! 

We are partnering up with Whole Foods Market Miami Beach for some Karma Yoga on the Beach! Let’s help keep our backyard beautiful and clean that we all enjoy for R & R as well as practice yoga on. All students who attend will be given a free class. If you are presently a member, you will receive a COMP CARD to give to a friend! Wear your monkey shirt! Let’s come together as a community and make it happen! Meet at 9th street on Miami Beach On April 21st from 4:00-6:00pm